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Apr 26, 2015
9:34 am
Apr 26, 2015
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Apr 26, 2015
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Apr 26, 2015
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Apr 26, 2015
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Found this cool link that allows you randomly generate monster/species traits. It's built for rpg games, but could also be used for custom or original species. Or if you just want to spice up an existing creature for a drawing or game.…

Use a d20 or (1-20)

Bonus, if you draw (or doll maker) what you generated.
Awesome Bonus, if you make an RPG monster sheet for it.
Have fun!

((More links/tables below Examples.))


A thorny mass of bark covered vines forming amoeboid limbs from it's body, it's false head as a set of antlers to distract would be predators. Although in dense forests it is nearly invisible except to the trained eye. Normally non-hostile unless attacked it's behavior may change if a Trent or other plant-like creature enters it's domain as it will inherit it's intent.

Body: Vines
Skin: Scales
Head: Antlers
Movement:  Marathon
Limbs: Pseudopods–prehensile amoeboid extensions
Attacks: thorns
Defense: Translucency
Intellect: Borrows from other creatures of it's type.
Social order: Loner


Syphon Worm -RPG creature- by Vyctorian

This creature floats along the edges of river banks and beaches, feeding off the life force of near dying creatures which may be beached in the area. It was no visible facial features, save for one giant eye. If it is threatened quills will burst forth from it's fur covered body. It is non-hostile unless attacked, and usually feeds by moonlight or just after rains.

Body: Serpentine
Skin: Fur
Head: Cyclopes
Movement: water walk
Limbs: Fins
Attack: Spirit Leech
Defense: Quills
Intellect: Non-intelligent seeks food, avoids pain, avoids sunlight/fire/magic light
Social Order: Loner


This large imposing creatures lives in the caverns by the shores, it stands on all fours and has a long snake like body. It has a tough leathery skin with cartilage thorns along it, when attacked electrical pulses jump form these thorns to defend them. They tend to hunt, and live in pairs, so if one goes searching for them they should be advised to keep an eye out for the second.

Body: Quadruped, large
Skin: Tough
Head: Horns
Movement: Swim
Limbs: Snake body
Attack: Thorns
Defense: Electric discahrge
Intellect: Dog-like
Social Order: Couples

Social Order:

If you enjoy random tables like these here are some links with more tables:


Table examples: What's the Orc Got In His Pockets?, Character motivations, Giant Slugs!, History of magical weapons, Random Graffiti Generator,



Artist | Varied
United States
I use a variety of artistic styles and genres and draw a various subjects; OCs, fan art, social commentary, niche art, comics, ectra.

I'm a 25 year old trans woman (… ) writer/artist, you can call me Victoria or Vy. I am a woman, I act, feel and think like a woman and I will not accept or tolerant any nay-sayings toward my womanhood or towards other women or transfolk for being women or trans.

I don't think I'm asking for a lot, I'm basically just saying "be nice."

I'm very social and love talking with others, I just don't like small talk that much. But if you have something in mind to talk about send me a note.

I do RP but it's not a priority for me and, I rather narrative RP over erotic

Requests: Closed
Point Commissions: Closed; but if you have an idea you think I may like ask.

When on DA my personal motto is: " If I fave, I comment."


* Twitter:
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Unless it's a commission, collab/coloring, fan art or I state otherwise,
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: as long as it's not for financial gain or political reasons.

-feel free to add my art/writing to groups, where it be appropriate-

Transgender artist by Queen-SouliaStamp :: Rooster Teeth by homestucktroll123
firebender stamp by steamworkJapanese street fashion -Gyaru- by Tea-Strawberry
Feminist by DametoraStamp 1 by Aivilo0
STAMP - Natsume by RoackEverything is a remix by XxchantellexX
INFP Stamp by zakarrandaTalk Stamp by lupehero38
Pansexual: I love you... by AETitus

If you want to contact me for conversation reasons please use notes or else your comment will be hidden but if you just want to thank for faves or watches go for it, that's what the comments below are for.

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